Speech Bubble - Feck


Say it like it is… feck

With these little speech bubble pins you can get your message across simply and succinctly.

This speech bubble was born from my love of an old British sitcom called Father Ted. Set on the fictional Craggy Island, a remote location off Ireland’s west coast, three priests are exiled here for various past incidents.  They live together in the parochial house with their housekeeper Mrs Doyle. Father Jack is one of the priests and lives for the simple pleasures of life – sleeping, drinking, and swearing. Feck happens to be one of the few words he utters in each episode. My partner is from Northern Ireland and when we first met, I used to take the mickey out of his accent and watching re-runs of Father Ted was essential to get to gist with his Irish humour.

Each pin is individually stamped with the word ‘feck‘ and handcut from recycled brass industry offcuts and finished off with a sturdy brass pin and rubber pin back. Each pin is totally unique.

The recycled brass sheet is thick and weighty and the pins measure approximately 2.5cm wide by 2.2cm high.

Each pin has a brushed finish.

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