Scarf - Nordic Grey


Celtic Knot Border Jacquard woven scarf in Worsted Wool and luxurious Chenille. 
Dimensions: 35 x 170 cms including Fringes.  
Composition: 45% Wool/55% Chenille.  

The Celtic Knot Border design is a circular knot motif and the most recognised symbol in Celtic Art History.  Circular Celtic Knots are a symbol of long life and eternity but are also recognised as a symbol of unity.  The endless or mystical quality of Celtic Knots have been utilized in this scarf design to suggest infinity or time without end.  Celtic Knot Meanings have always been very speculative.  

Contemporary scholars assumed however that the symbols represented basic tenants of life, mankind and spirituality. 

An authentic Scottish product exclusively designed and woven by Calzeat of Scotland.

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