Rockpool Pendant


Rockpool Pendant handcrafted with individuality and uniqueness in mind.

Each one of these Rockpool Pendants is totally unique. Handcrafted from flattened recycled EcoSilver wire, three separate hoops are hung from a sterling silver chain. The largest hoop has a hammered texture, the middle hoop is slightly flattened and given a brushed finish and the small hoop has a shiny mirror finish.

These pendants are suitable for everyday wear as well as special occasions and with the longer chain option, the pendant elements hang low and are perfect for people who like to play with their jewellery and enjoy tactile comforts of the textured surfaces.

Inspired by the ripples in water, the individual layers are loosely joined together to allow for movement and random positioning.

Some of the silver is oxidised and the surfaces polished back to reveal the intricate textures within the layer.

Made from recycled materials:
– 100% recycled Eco Silver

Each pendant measures approx. 3.5cm x 4.55cm – sizes vary slightly.

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