Brass Plant Markers - Funny Ones


These funny plant markers are new to my range of decorative pieces made from recycled materials. I work with industry off-cuts of brass, so it’s someone else’s waste which I think, quite frankly, is too good to waste… so I put it to good use and transformed it into something shiny and new.

Quirky and fun, this range of brass plant markers is sure to raise a smile. They are all hand cut from sheet brass and each letter is individually hand stamped. Each marker is then soldered onto a length of thick copper wire. From top to toe they measure approx. 18cm and have a frosted finish.

They can be poked into any plant pot and would make a perfect gift for the green fingered, gardening obsessed, plant lover in your life.

The brass and copper will acquire a patina over time, especially if exposed to the elements outside.

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