Goats Milk Soap - Natural, Unscented


Discover the pure delight of our unscented goats milk soap bar!

Our natural, unscented soap bar stands out as a popular classic, perfect for those who prefer the pure and unadulterated benefits of goat's milk without any added fragrances.

It contains no added fragrances or essential oils, making it the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin or those who simply appreciate the natural essence of pure goat's milk.

Just like the rest of our range, our unscented goats milk soap bar is crafted with the utmost care for purity. It contains no parabens, no palm oil, and no artificial fragrances. Rest assured, you're giving your skin the purest treatment possible.

Say goodbye to skin irritation and hello to soft, supple skin!

Because our soap bars are all handmade they may vary in size between 95g - 100g.

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