Whisky Frame - Bilge frame


The Bilge frame is made from the bulging part of the whisky cask. The frame is handmade in Scotland from reclaimed oak whisky casks and detailed with genuine Harris Tweed and metal from the casks hoops. This large single photo frame makes a wonderful rustic yet refined gift or addition to your home. It holds a 4×6″ picture landscape or portrait. Can be free standing or hang on the wall. Although each frame is slightly different they are near 30cm x 25cm in outer dimensions. Stands vertically or horizontally by a movable steel rod in the back. As the frame is made from reclaimed weathered oak whisky casks textures and overall dimensions will vary slightly as each piece of wood is different which will make your frame a “one of a kind”. Each frame is uniquely numbered to correlate with the frame archive.

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